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«Our House» is a Belarusian public human rights organization. Our goal is the «democratic transformation of the Belarusian authorities in a non-violent manner». We have been working in Belarus since December 2005.


In the new newsletter you can read about the repressions against literature, about the celebration of Russia Day in Minsk, about people who refused to go to the army and find other information.


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  1. 1. The Occupation Of Belarus Continues. Minsk Celebrated Russia Day Minsk Celebrated Russia Day
    1. The Occupation Of Belarus Continues. Minsk Celebrated Russia Day On 12 June, the Russian Federation celebrates the Day of Declaration of State Sovereignty. Belarus never before celebrated this holiday, but this year, in the centre of Minsk, Russian companies organized a concert. Famous Russian artists came to sing. The audience came to the event with red-green Lukashenko flags and Russian tricolours. Does this mean that the occupation of Belarus is continuing? Click here to read more about Russia Day in Minsk: https://news.house/44310 https://de.news.house/3999
  2. 2. Olga Karach Is Recognized An Extremist Again — For The 8th Time
    The dictator’s regime has a new and unusual tradition of regularly recognising the same people or their social networks and media resources as extremists, terrorists and extremist formations. What goals are pursued – either to frighten citizens not to subscribe to channels of other active citizens or to make the latter stop engaging in their own media resources. That is, simply to keep silent. Click here to read more: https://de.news.house/4008
  3. 3. People Who Refused To Go To Army Begin the “Battle” Against The System And The Regime
    In connection with the beginning of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the number of citizens of the Republic of Belarus who apply for visas to the Republic of Poland has sharply increased The applications are filed not only in Belarus itself but also outside the country. And one of the countries where so many Belarusians are now in Georgia. Click here to read about Belarusians who don’t want to fight against Ukraine: https://de.news.house/4011
  4. 4. «NO Means NO»: Another Command-Staff Exercises Have Begun In Belarus
    On June 14-16, command-staff exercises aimed at improving the troops’ command and control capabilities are held in Belarus. Military units, military governing bodies and logistics organisations participate in them. Does this mean that Belarus is preparing to enter the war in Ukraine again? Here, we tell you about these strange exercises. Click here to read more: https://news.house/44325 https://de.news.house/4014
  5. 5. The Regime Struggles With Books: What Books Are Already Banned In Belarus
    The topic of literary prohibition is often encountered in the pages of the world’s dystopias. This practice was also in the USSR and the Third Reich. And now Lukashenko has started the same . In May, law enforcement officers smashed up a shop with Belarusian literature, and on June 15, school libraries of the country had to take away books by 33 authors. Click here to read more about repressions against books: https://de.news.house/4017

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