19.09.2022 I 18:00 I Volkshochschule Leipzig, Aula
Erinnern stören. The Fall of the Berlin Wall from a Migrant and Jewish Perspective

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent transformation were a caesura in German history. In the annual remembrance, however, migrant perspectives on this time are hardly seen until today.
How did Jewish and migrant people experience the time of upheaval? What can an inclusive culture of remembrance for all look like? And why is it important today?

Together with Lydia Lierke, the publisher of the book “Erinnern Stören” and the Initiative 12.August, we invite you for lecture and talk.

More information about the book can be found here.

The event is part of the series “Perspectives of Remembering” – ” Forgotten Memories – A look at the fall of the Berlin Wall and the following period of upheaval”.

A cooperation of the Bürgerrecht.Akademie of the Volkshochschule Leipzig and Revolutionale – a Project of the Foundation of the Peacefull Revolution.

The entrance is free of Charge.