24th October 2022 I 6 p.m. I Myth ‘Monday Demonstrations’: Historical core – development – creation of legends I Volkshochschule Leipzig, Aula

Presentation and Discussion with Archiv Bürgerbewegung

Social and political movements in East and West Germany continue to refer to the narrative of the 1989/90 Monday demonstrations in the GDR to the present day. The demonstrators hope for a stronger mobilization. The reference also reaffirms the prospect of success. After all, it has already been possible to implement political changes under this “label”. Related to this is the evocation of an emotionally anchored “WE” emotion through the chant “We are the people.” The historical events have now become embedded in our collective memory in an idealized form. The question arises, which demonstrations and which “Volk” are actually meant? In the final analysis, is the “construction” of history necessary in order to have an identity-forming effect on large social groups?

Together with Achim Beier from the Archive Citizens’ Movement we invite you to a joint talk.

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The room is accessible by wheelchair. Barrier-free toilets are accessible.