REVOLUTIONALE is a project by the Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution to strengthen civil society engagement for human rights, democracy and social change. It consists of two parts, each of which takes place in alternating years: The REVOLUTIONALE – International Round Table Conference and theREVOLUTIONALE – Festival for Change.

Initiated by the Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution, the REVOLUTIONALE aims to promote the work and networking of societal actors and to support international movements for democracy and freedom, in the spirit of the Peaceful Autumn Revolution of 1989.

The issues and challenges facing civil society have changed, and thus the goals pursued at the time are to be transferred to the present. The REVOLUTIONALE is meant to broaden the scope for action towards social change in the spirit of a community of peaceful coexistence, solidarity, justice and shared responsibility.

Revolutionale – Festival für Veränderung | Festival for Change

REVOLUTIONALE – International Round Table Conference

The International Round Table is a democracy and human rights conference that offers a protected space for actors from Europe and beyond to exchange views on common values, socio-political issues and current challenges. The return of authoritarian ideas, which has been observed for years, the increasingly diminishing inhibition of autocrats to enforce their interests with violence – the most radical manifestation of which is currently Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine – are just as much a part of this as human rights violations of minorities, corruption and the interaction of capitalism, climate change and the causes of migration and flight.

Since 2017, the conference has been contributing to the international networking of NGO workers, politicians, academics and journalists working in different contexts, political systems or from exile. The roundtable format for discussion is complemented by a comprehensive lecture and workshop program for participants as well as a public social program.

The conference takes place every two years in the period around October 9 and thus follows the tradition of the great Monday demonstration in Leipzig in 1989.

REVOLUTIONALE-Festival for Change

The Festival for Change is an art and culture festival jointly organized by activists and cultural workers. It shows artistic positions on the topics of the International Round Table. Up-to-date, participatory and interactive, it involves the citizens of Leipzig and represents the diversity of artistic activism in and around Europe.

The focus is on hope and the belief that social change is possible, according to the motto “It’s not too late! The festival shows diverse artistic reactions to political conditions and encourages discussions – very concretely about social and political problem situations, but also about the active, transformative potential of art.

The core of the festival is the participation of Leipzig’s citizens: Art is not a consumer good, but is offered as a means and tool for a deep engagement with the world – for everyone!

In the coming year 2024, the festival will take place independently for the first time and will develop based on the themes of the 2023 conference, in close exchange with the participating activists and artists and civil society.

Revolutionale – Festival für Veränderung | Festival for Change

Stiftung Friedliche Revolution

The Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution was founded in Leipzig in 2009 by active citizens from East and West Germany. Ever since, it has intervened and encouraged others to commit themselves to democracy, cultural diversity, non-violence and peace in the tradition of the Peaceful Revolution. Thereby, the Foundation not only wants to remind people of the historically outstanding events of the fall of 1989 in the GDR and of the developments in the neighboring countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but also to educate people about the character and dangers of totalitarian systems. The foundation stands for pluralism, the recognition of diversity, and a people-friendly economy. It is its declared goal to raise awareness for active participation in the democratic community.


from left: Stephan Stach, Clemens Müller, Tomke Meyer, Henning Schindler, Edith Bohl, Lena Mallmann

Dr. Stephan Stach

As project manager, I juggle a variety of organizational and programmatic tasks and – with the help of my team – assemble them into a successful REVOLUTIONALE.


Ina Luft

Artistic director – festival for change 2024

ina.luft@stiftung-fr.de or arts@revolutionale.de


Lena Mallmann

I search and fund activist art and artistic activism – for each and everybody, as part of 2024’s art festival. On parental leave.



Edith Bohl

I am mainly in charge of the organization of events for REVOLUTIONALE and the organization of the International Round Table.


Clemens Müller

I am responsible for the planning of content and organization of the REVOLUTIONALE – International Round Table Conference.


Henning Schindler

As the accountant, I control the chaos of numbers and documents. Permit A38? – To me, please!


Tomke Meyer

REVOLUTIONALE provides the platform for exchange : Creating visibility for its actors and their discourses in Leipzig and beyond is my task in public relations


Photos: Thomas Bär

We appreciate the active support of the Board of Directors Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution