In Focus: Conflict:ed – how to deal with war & conflict

Last but not least, the war in Ukraine and the effects of a multitude of other global conflicts also concern the people in Leipzig.

When looking for solutions to complex, global interrelationships, many people are often left with a feeling of being powerless or with oversimplified explanations. Resulting conflicts are not only negotiated in politics and in the public sphere, but also reach into relationship and family discourses. By examining the causes and consequences of global conflicts, we want to address feelings of powerlessness and unanswered questions and search together for answers, arguments and solution strategies.

In cooperation with the ‘Bürgerrecht.Akademie‘ of the Volkshochschule Leipzig as well as the district work of the Volkshochschule Leipzig, we want to focus on the topics of war and conflict in the 2023 event series and give different perspectives on them a platform.



10.06. Theaterperformance DIE FALLE

10. June 2023
Freizeittreff Völkerfreundschaft | Stuttgarter Allee 9 | Leipzig Grünau | GERMAN

The piece is a story about the closed EU borders and [image] its misunderstandings. You can’t live on the coast without seeing the other side at least once. In Tangier, Algiers or Tunis, even the cats sit in the harbor and look at the other side. Everyone wants to go there. Most of them dream of it… The young people who manage to land in Europe try everything not to return empty-handed. Illegality, criminality and the constant fear of being deported are their everyday life.


Riadh Ben Ammar came to Germany from Tunisia in the early 2000s. For a long time he was housed in a refugee camp in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, meanwhile he lives between Tunisia and Germany and is one of the founders of the organization Afrique-Europe-Interact, a transnational network between Africa and Europe for freedom of movement and equitable development.

06.07. Panel: The Political Crisis in Peru - Institutional Racism and Resistance

06.July.2023 | Online
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Together with a representative of the women’s movement of the Puno region and Juan Chilón (leader of the Quechua indigenous people and sub-prefect of the district of Cajamarca) we want to get into conversation and find out what the background of the current political crisis in Peru is and what can be expected from the movement politically until the end of the year? More info!

The event will be moderated by Amanda Luna Tacunan (education consultant and activist).

The event will be held online at Zoom in SPANISH WITH GERMAN TRANSLATION



30.08. Reading with Ronya Othmann „die verbrechen“ and Dan Thy Nguyen „Über Wasser und Tote“

August 30. 2023 at 19:30 in the garden of theLiteraturhaus Leipzig | GERMAN

Moderation: Sarah Miriam Lutzemann (Managing Director & Owner kohsie Diversity Bookstore)

About „die verbrechen“ [Reading in German]

“we will read detonation backwards.” Words can do a lot in Ronya Othmann’s long-awaited first book of poetry. They know no boundaries for times, desires, and nations. They salvage and mourn the buried stories of life between all conventions and cultures. Resistant and at the same time at every point unprotected and intimate, these existential poems carry a new tone into the present. The inhuman crimes of the world and pure happiness, the strangeness of one’s own life and never-ending homesickness come together in all that “you know about when you close your eyes.”

RONYA OTHMANN was born in Munich in 1993 and lives in Leipzig. She has received, among others, the Caroline Schlegel Prize for Essay Writing, the Open Mike Poetry Prize, the Gertrud Kolmar Prize, and the Audience Award of the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition, and has been writing the Import Export column for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung since 2021. In 2020, Hanser published her novel Die Sommer, for which she was awarded the Mara Cassens Prize.



About „Über Wasser und Tote“ [reading in German]

Dan Thy Nguyen’s poetry collection Über Wasser und Tote attempts to create a new form of humanism in which one can get rid of one’s own spread of hatred, nourished by death, flight and trauma. Things that seemed impossible to own or luxurious to people before they arrived in Germany are now not enough for you. Nguyen tries to admit the ambivalent feelings of anger and grief that arise in the process, but also their validity and expiration date. He speaks of a right to forget.


DAN THY NGUYEN is a freelance theater director, actor, writer and singer in Hamburg. He has worked on various productions at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Kampnagel, Mousonturm Frankfurt, MDR and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, among others. In 2014 he developed and produced the play “Sonnenblumenhaus” about the pogrom of Rostock -Lichtenhagen, which won the “Hörnixe” in 2015 in its radio play version and is still played at various institutions. Since 2020 he leads the Hamburg festival “fluctoplasma – 96h Kunst Diskurs Diversität” with his production company Studio Marshmallow and he is deputy board member of the LAG Kinder- und Jugendkultur Hamburg. In 2021, together with the entire ensemble, he received the German Radio Play Award for his acting performance.


Sarah Miriam Lutzemann is the owner of kohsie Diversity Buchhandlung in Halle (Saale). In her assortment she gives visibility to female, inter and non-binary authors who embed feminist and intersectional perspectives in stories, treat discrimination and privilege reflectively and thus enrich our reading and lives.

Sarah also participates in public discourses and makes her capacities available in and beyond kohsie to fight with others against unfreedom, such as through moderating, speaking, participating in panel discussions, and organizing networking meetings.

06.09. Filmscreening “This Rain Will Never Stop” by Alina Gorlova

September 6, 2023, 8:00 pm at theOstpassagetheater Leipzig | ORIGINAL WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES


THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP takes the viewer on a visually stunning journey through the endless cycle of war and peace in humanity.
The film follows 20-year-old Andriy Suleyman as he attempts to secure a sustainable future while paying the human toll of armed conflict.
From the Syrian civil war to the war in Ukraine, Andriy’s existence is defined by the seemingly eternal flow of life and death. Website

The film is shown in original language (Kurdish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, German) with German subtitles

Followed by a talk with the director Alina Gorlova (requested)


07.09 Lecture: Peaceful Revolution, (Arab)Rebellion, Integration - How we can reshape solidarity

07.September.2023 , 7 pm in the DenkmalWerkstatt (Kupfergasse 2)
A presentation by Adopt a Revolution


It seems surprising: dissidents of the former civil rights movement in the GDR and activists of the Syrian revolution in 2011 have shared experiences! This was demonstrated by an impressive exchange project conducted by the German-Syrian human rights organization Adopt a Revolution. The East German-Syrian exchange opens up new perspectives of solidarity with the uprisings of the Arab Spring, which were thought to have been forgotten and from whose suppression so many people who fled to Germany are still suffering today. For them, the war in Syria is by no means over: even here, in exile, they are exposed to the repression of their regime. What domestic and foreign policy challenges do Syrian refugees face today? And how can we connect with each other in the here and now on the basis of our different revolutionary histories and develop perspectives for a lived, common solidarity?

We as Adopt a Revolution would like to share our experiences in German-Syrian solidarity work and discuss these issues with you.

With Marisa Raiser from the #DefundAssad campaign and Maria Hartmann from the East German-Syrian Exchange Project.

08.09. Workshop: Argumentation training against "Stammtischparolen": for the courage to represent one's own opinion against populism

8. September 2023, 12 pm – 5 pm atVolkshochschule Leipzig | GERMAN
A Workshop byBürgerrecht.Akademie der VHS Leipzig

So called “Stammtischparolen”? Everyone knows what is meant. Who doesn’t know them, the slogans uttered in public transport, at work or in the family? But what can we do to counter them? Why do we usually only think of the best arguments afterwards? In this seminar, counter-positions are sought and discussed. Not only will we learn about political issues, but we will also practice speaking skills and fluency, strengthen our self-confidence and give us the courage to defend our own opinions in the face of opposition.

Registration is needed

28.09 Filmscreening „The Earth Is Blue As An Orange“ by Iryna Tsilyk

28. September 2023, 19 Uhr im KOMM-Haus

How much power can art have in wartime?

“When poet and filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk first visited the Trofymchuk-Gladky family home in the Ukrainian war zone town of Krasnohorivka, she is surprised by what she finds: While the outside world is filled with bombing and chaos, single mother Anna and her four children manage to keep their home a safe haven, full of life and light.Each member of the family has a passion for cinema, so it makes sense to make a film inspired by their own wartime lives. The creative process raises questions about the power the magical world of cinema might have in times of disaster and how war can be portrayed through the lens of the camera. For Anna and the children, transforming trauma into a work of art is the ultimate way to remain human”

The film will be shown as part of the Intercultural Weeks.
Moderation by Marius Dähne (district work of the Volkshochschule Leipzig)


20.10 Reading: A Guide to Opposition: what can we say to counter populist, untrue or inflammatory slogans?

October 23, 2023 at 6:00 pm at Literaturhaus Leipzig | ORIGINAL WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES

A reading with the author Franzi von Kempis

Sexist remarks at a Christmas party, anti-vaxxer statements at a birthday party, Islamophobic comments under a Facebook post – we all know situations in which we are confronted with half-truths or a problematic worldview. But what do you say when someone denies climate change, believes in the BRD-GmbH or in a Jewish world conspiracy? Franzi von Kempis provides well-founded arguments and carefully researched facts that everyone understands. So that we feel safer when we want to counter populist, untrue or inflammatory slogans.

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