Program 2023

REVOLUTIONALE is a project run by the Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution to strengthen civil society engagement for human rights, democracy and social change. The International Round Table Conference 2023 is a democracy and human rights conference that offers actors a non-public, safe space to exchange views on socio-political issues, current challenges and shared values.

Lectures, Performance, Dialogue

October 10 – 12


As part of the conference, we invite you to exchange ideas at our, public program.

Admission to all events is free.



“Cyber Elf” is an English-language lecture-performance by Polish theater director and artist Magda Szpecht. Since the beginning of 2022, she and her network of online activists have been fighting as so-called cyber elves against Russian disinformation, confronting trolls and debunking fake news. In her performance, she demonstrates how the cyber elves work to deconstruct propaganda narratives, debunk fakes and educate the public – an exciting insight into a digital battlefield of modern conflicts. Afterwards, there will be a discussion with the artist and Rainer Rehak (Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung).

Director & Performance: Magda Szpecht

Free admission!

10.10. 2023, 7 pm

War Crime Trials in German Courts

Paneldiscussion on potentials and obstacles of applying international criminal law.

The Code of Crimes against International Law has been in force in Germany since 2002. It allows war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity to be put on trial in German courts, even if they were committed abroad. Trials on war crimes in Syria or the genocide in Rwanda were held on this basis, and currently, evidence is being collected for the prosecution of Russian crimes in Ukraine. With experts on international criminal law from Ukraine, activists from Syria and representatives of the Federal Prosecutor General, we will discuss how civil society activism can initiate and accompany trials.

Event of REVOLUTIONALE and Stiftung Forum Recht in cooperation with Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig.

Free admission!


Kateryna Busol (Völkerstrafrechtsexpertin, National University of Kyiv – Mohyla Acadamy)

Roman Avramenko(executive director of the Ukrainian NGO Truth Hounds)

Mariana Karkoutly (Syrian lawyer and human rights activist who observed the Koblenz trial)

Dr. Somi Nikol(Office of the Attorney General)

Moderation von
Alexandra Kemmerer
(Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

11. 10. 2023
6:30 pm
Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig
English with German translation


Premiere of the audio project

The motto of the REVOLUTIONALE – International Round Table 2023 is: Telling Stories. In this spirit, the Stiftung Friedliche Revolution invites you to a storytelling evening with the premiere of the contemporary witness project O-Ton, an audio player for biographical narratives. For the first time, more than 20 interviews will be presented featuring people telling their biographies in and after the GDR. Carsten Möller, head of the project, presents the work and the resulting digital platform. Listening together leads to a conversation, while listening stations also offer the opportunity to listen to individual voices in more depth.

Admission free!

11. 10. 2023
7 pm
German with English translation

Why We Don’t Follow the Sun

Storytelling Night with Activists

With this year’s REVOLUTIONALE theme of Telling Stories, the English-language storytelling evening offers the chance to talk to activists who will be part of the International Round Table conference in 2023. What has made them dedicate their lives today to advocating for equality, human rights, the environment and peace? Their political and biographical contexts shape the resistance they face every day in their personal fights for social change. In letters, stories and conversations, they share their stories with people in Leipzig. Snacks, drinks and lounge music complete a relaxed evening of storytelling to leave you inspired and ready to go back into the world.

Moderated by Prof. Dr. Felix Ackermann

Free admission!

11. 10. 2023
8:30 pm
Englisch – informal German translation possible

Defending Democracy & Human Rights.
Civic Engagement in Times of Global Crises

Closing of the International Round Table Conference 2023

At the four-day conference, representatives of civil society debated with each other on current crises: What lies ahead in the common struggle for stable democracy, freedom and (climate) justice, in times of wars and rampant authoritarianism? At the end, international human rights defenders will publicly present their conclusions from this year’s debates and impulses. The event will be accompanied by artistic interventions reflecting the themes of the conference week by Yolanda Morales, Nadya Sayapina and Martin Boross and music by the Leipzig Balkan band Herje Mine.

Admission free!

12. 10. 2023
7 pm
English with German translation

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