Revolutionale – Festival für Veränderung | Festival for Change
The planning of Revolutionale 2021 is already running!

The REVOLUTIONALE, a Festival for Change, was initiated by the Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution. Among other things, it is directed against inaction in matters of climate change and against the nationalism that is spreading all over the world. It focuses on the strengthening, support and networking of people who stand up for an open, (violence-)free pluralistic society – in Germany and in other countries. The open exchange about possible common fields of action aims at concrete joint steps and actions.

International Round Table

At the International Round Table in the Gewandhaus on 7 and 8 October – between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. – representatives of NGOs (non-governmental civil rights organisations) from 25 countries will discuss ten central topics. Representatives of Youth Parliaments and youth movements from Europe are explicitly included. The participants will exchange and develop constructive proposals for action for the work in the coming years. A public press conference will take place in the Gewandhaus at 5 p.m. each day. On 9 October at 2 p.m. the results of the discussions will be presented to the public in the REVOLUTIONALE Office in the former Karstadt building.

Art + Interaction

Parallel to the Round Tables, interactive art events and performances will take place the whole day from 5 to 9 October in the shop windows of the former Karstadt building in Petersstraße, Preußergässchen, Neumarkt and in the REVOLUTIONALE Office next to the former main entrance. Here, among other things, topics of the Round Tables will be deepened and expanded.


The REVOLUTIONALE Office is located directly next to the shop windows on Petersstraße. From 16 September, representatives of the REVOLUTIONALE team will be available here daily between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

During the REVOLUTIONALE, our office will serve to expand the activities in the shop windows. For example, you can listen to and watch the full-length radio plays and videos presented in the shop windows or talk to the artists and other interested persons.

In the evening in Frei_Raum

The topics of the International Round Table will be further discussed from 7 p.m. every evening on Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz and in the Frei_Raum(Free_Space)-Pavillon installed there. This will in turn have an influence on the discussion processes at the Round Table. In addition, the intended networking of the active participants in Leipzig and beyond can take place here. DJs will put on good music and there will also be something to drink.

Foundation of the Peaceful Revolution

The Foundation was established ten years ago by committed citizens from East and West, from the church and the peace movement. Since then, it has been interfering and encouraging others to exert an active influence on living conditions in reunited Germany. Its work focuses on non-violence, the exchange with democratic civil rights movements in East and West, pluralism and the recognition of diversity as well as the struggle for a philanthropic economy.

We would like to thank the following institutions for supporting our work:

Within the framework of REVOLUTIONALE 2019, two projects will take place that were organized with the support of various sponsors. For the project “International Round Tables” as well as for the project “Festival for Change” we would like to thank the following sponsors for their donations and cooperation.

REVOLUTIONALE 2019 – International Round Tables was supported by:

Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media
Furthermore, in cooperation with:

Free State of Saxony

Leipzig Adult Education Centre
And sponsored by:

Leipzig Group

REVOLUTIONALE 2019 – Festival for Change was supported by:
Federal Agency for Civic Education
Cultural Office City of Leipzig
As well as sponsored by:
Leipzig Group

With the kind support of:


Stiftung Friedliche Revolution
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