Revolution der Stille/ La Revolución del Silencio – A musical theater production by the independent ensemble p&s

September 7, 2022 I 8:00 p.m. I Nikolaikirchhof

We go in search of the sounds of silence in public space. How quiet is it really? Can silence also be loud? What does silence do to those who would have something to say and how do we break through it to make audible what needs to be heard?

The impulse for the discussion of these questions is August 12, 1979, the day on which the two Cubans Delfin Guerra and Raúl Garcia Paret were killed in Merseburg after an alleged racist hunt. The silence of the brother states of the GDR and Cuba at that time continues to reverberate to this day; a legal reappraisal of the deaths has practically not taken place. What remains is silence.
In a musical theater performance we search for their voice, ready for a revolution.

A production of the independent ensemble p&s in co-production with the WUK Theaterquartier.

MUSIC Tomy Suil, Martin Laun, Niklas Stelbrink
ACTOR Nicole Tröger

More information about the independent ensemble p&s can be found here.

The event is part of the event series “Perspectives of Remembering” – ” Forgotten Memories – A Look at the Fall of the Wall and the Time of Change”.

A cooperation of the Bürgerrecht.Akademie of the Volkshochschule Leipzig and the Projekt Revolutionale – of the Stiftung Friedliche Revolution.

The visit of this event is free.